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01-Jul-2017 19:37

I always thought the difference between good and great people at work was the effort they put into themselves learning more in their personal time.

A few years ago I thought I’d have to settle on good.

I’ve had moments this year of not giving a sh*t, and moments where I’ve had crippling insecurities about it which lead to me canceling plans because I was embarrassed to be seen. It’s because I’ve eaten more this year, and moved less.I’ve had nights where I slipped back to binge eating.Moments where I snuck snacks while others didn’t see. Motivation is fleeting, and I’ve struggled to find it this year.The summer before I moved to Toronto there was a stretch where I was busy for 28 days in a row (and keep in mind, I love love love quality netflix/couch time). I wish so much I didn’t want to one day be a grandmother (seriously, this is a huge life goal of mine, ha), as I think I’d then not care about it so much, but I’m now thirty-three and very aware of the reality of my own situation, which makes me continue to swipe and click away. I was fortunate enough to work alongside some incredibly talented people in Detroit from our California office, where I learned so much and slowly transitioned from someone who is mostly learning, to now someone who is mostly teaching.

Detroit showed me the importance of prioritizing my time, and I’ve been really good at doing it since I’ve been back in Toronto. I fought for myself this year, and firmly noted I felt underpaid and got it rectified.

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